How to Live a More Entrepreneurial Life

Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD
2 min readJul 26, 2021
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What are you doing right now to live more of an entrepreneurial life? As automation and AI become more of the corporate norm, our professional journeys will begin to change with many of us delving into a more entrepreneurial path. We are also witnessing a mass exodus of employees from larger companies — workers are reluctant to go back into the office and are pushing back against employment conditions that don’t foster work-life balance.

Traditional employment will become less frequent, and we’ll work for many different companies over the course of our professional lives. To remain successful, we’ll do well to focus on those areas where we excel and those tasks we love to do.

We’ll also need to keep learning and growing throughout our journey. Because technological and industry advances with only gain in frequency and speed, our learning and skill attainment must become more rapid and consistent as well. All of this momentum is a great thing. We’ll be doing more of what we really enjoy, and less of what we dislike. The increased focus on learning will keep us fresh and challenged too. It’s time to start thinking about what skills you’ll need to gain and how you can lead more of an entrepreneurial life.

It could involve anything from starting a side hustle to reading books from your favorite entrepreneurs. Perhaps it will boil down to doing basic market research, analyzing trends or just brushing up on your pitching skills. Regardless, it will be critical for us all to live a more entrepreneurial life. What’s your next entrepreneurial move?

~Charlene Walters is the author of Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur and the host of the TV Show Launch which is now streaming on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV (DB & A Network).

Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD

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