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Let’s face it, 2020 was not our best year as women. We had to pivot, homeschool and many of us left the workforce entirely (some 2.2 million US women between February - October 2020). We were stressed, stretched and in need of change. As we move further into 2021, it’s time to regroup, recharge and come up with a new plan. We want more for ourselves professionally- a gig that provides greater flexibility and control.

So, what’s your plan? Could it be that you want to launch your own business this year? More and more women are making that exact…

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What are you doing right now to live more of an entrepreneurial life? As automation and AI become more of the corporate norm, our professional journeys will begin to change with many of us delving into a more entrepreneurial path. We are also witnessing a mass exodus of employees from larger companies — workers are reluctant to go back into the office and are pushing back against employment conditions that don’t foster work-life balance.

Traditional employment will become less frequent, and we’ll work for many different companies over the course of our professional lives. …

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The world is full of copy cats and lurkers; out there trying to find out what everyone else is doing, and brainstorming about how they might emulate it. I’ve seen this happen to me a number of times with some of my more high-profile projects. But, why? Wouldn’t everyone be better off doing their own thing? Wouldn’t they be better off coming up with their own plan?

Do some people think that there is some kind of success shortcut? I’m here to tell you that there is no such thing otherwise everyone would have taken it (myself included). Everything worth…

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What’s your stance on non-compete clauses? I’ve always disliked them as an employee. The most recent one that I was asked to sign could even be described as horrific as it went so far beyond what was reasonable. Needless to say, I didn’t sign it. As an employer, I get it. We don’t want our clients and business disappearing when our employee has had enough or decides that it’s time to move on. We’ve got to protect what we’ve built. But, on the other hand, how is it fair to limit someone’s ability to make a living?

With Biden expected…

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The fourth of July has always been a special day of celebration for us Americans. We shoot off firecrackers, host picnics and parties, and head to the beach in droves. But, do you remember what you did for the 4th of July last year? I do. I lit sparklers in the driveway- end of story. Typical for 2020.

This year, as the country’s opened up and our fear has subsided, we have lots of reasons to celebrate our independence. We can finally vacation, hang out and be kind of normal again. I spent last week at a resort and was…

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A lot of people who are just starting out with thought leadership tell me that they don’t feel comfortable putting themselves out there when it comes to social media and building their influence. They tell me that they’re introverted and it’s just not for them. I remember feeling that way at one point and now, not so much.

Let me let you in on a little secret- you don’t have to be an extrovert to build a strong digital presence. Here are five tips for all of you introverts out there:

  1. Start slowly. Building your personal brand can be overwhelming…

For a new author, nothing compares to the thrill of seeing your book out there in the wild- sitting neatly beside all of the other books in the store- an actual product that customers can touch and interact with. It’s proof that your effort and time were well spent. That’s certainly been the case for me (in this photo). My book, Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur, is in between those from Chip Gaines and Robert Kiyosaki- what great company! No pain, no gain is right!

Although launching a book mid-pandemic certainly had its challenges, I learned a lot, too. A lot…

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If you have an aversion to sales, you’re not alone. Many of us are sales- averse. We are afraid that if we try to sell anything, we’ll bug or annoy those we are selling to. No one wants to be that stereotypical used car salesman (pitching in polyester and plaid)!

Generally, when we even talk about salespeople, all sorts of negative adjectives come to mind - pushy, overbearing, and annoying are just a few. The truth is that selling is a vital part of any business, particularly for an entrepreneur. …

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No matter what you’ve been up to during the pandemic, I can safely say that we’re all feeling about the same- we need a break! And we always do- the more we take time away from our businesses to change our scenery and decompress, the better off our businesses will be (as counterintuitive as it might seem).

As our world continues to open up, I’m hoping that all of us hardworking entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs) out there will head to the beach in droves, soaking in the rays and surfing up some fun. …

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As has been widely reported, our country lost a lot of female employees during 2020. The number that left the workforce was extremely alarming (more than 2.2 million). Women exited en masse due to layoffs (they were more impacted by them and the industries that typically hire female employees were harder hit by the pandemic) and they often left of their own accord. These women were overwhelmed, burned out, and bogged down by competing demands.

This large exodus was a loss not just for women, but for everyone! A diverse workforce is good for businesses, expanding an organization’s skills, ideas…

Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD

Charlene is an entrepreneurship coach, business/branding mentor, speaker, trainer, author of Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur, and the busy single mother of two.

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