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Let’s face it, 2020 was not our best year as women. We had to pivot, homeschool and many of us left the workforce entirely (some 2.2 million US women between February - October 2020). We were stressed, stretched and in need of change. As we move further into 2021, it’s time to regroup, recharge and come up with a new plan. We want more for ourselves professionally- a gig that provides greater flexibility and control.

So, what’s your plan? Could it be that you want to launch your own business this year? More and more women are making that exact…

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It may surprise you to know, but entrepreneurial success is not always about how innovative you are, but more so about how productive you are - I’ve seen it time and time again. The same concept has applied to my personal journey and to those of the business owners that I mentor as well.

In my work as an entrepreneurship coach, one of the most common problems that I find new entrepreneurs run into is that they have too many ideas (to the point where they are unable to take action on any of them). …

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Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is taking a day or two or three off as a result of the side effects that they experience after their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination? It’s become a cultural norm and even a rite of passage in many ways- this recovery time. It’s been reported that more than 50 percent of people experience side effects after their second dose. These side effects include fatigue, headache, pain at the injection site and more. Personally, I was fatigued after the first dose, and then down for 2+ days after the…

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Ten million Americans lost their jobs during Covid-19. Throughout 2020, they left the workforce in droves due to furloughs, layoffs, and voluntarily exits for a variety of reasons including having to homeschool their children, work dissatisfaction, burnout, or a lack of career opportunities.

As things start to open back up as we emerge from the pandemic, you might find yourself among the many looking for new opportunities. As such, you’ll want to ensure that you stand out from the masses by having a strong hook. Here are 5 steps for regrouping and reformulating your personal brand:

  1. Identify your value proposition…

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If you said yes, you’re not alone. Thirty percent of remote employees said that they would quit if forced to return to the office according to a study by Live Career. I guess we’ve all gotten just a bit used to the freedom and flexibility that this past year has provided us. And most people are not entirely eager to give that up (at least not completely).

As we emerge from the pandemic and start to slowly transition back to office, many companies are in the midst of detailing what their new remote work strategy will look like moving forward…

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Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious, as if you never have time to let your hair down or do those things that make you feel lighter? If so, it might make you feel better to know that most people are in the same boat, particularly now after a year of pandemic-related limitations and stressors. In fact, a whopping 83% of Americans are feeling totally stressed out according to a recent study. In order to combat this sense of overwhelm, it’s important to make time for fun and to engage in those activities that you love. …

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So often we see entrepreneurs at the pinnacle of their success. They make it look so easy, glamorous, appealing- sipping wine on their yachts, posing on a beach somewhere with their family, or attending high-profile events. But there is nothing easy about entrepreneurship. What those Instagram pictures don’t show are the years of heartache, rejection and failure that went into it before they had their big triumphs. Overnight success stories are typically anything but- it takes years to get to the top of an industry, and it calls for lots of tenacity, patience and failure to get there.

So, if…

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We’ve all been there before. The unexpected hiccup. The last minute no or cancellation. It happens with our businesses and it happens in our personal lives. It stings and doesn’t seem fair, but it is what it is (we can’t change it). Don’t worry- it’s okay (and perfectly normal) to feel sad, just don’t get stuck in that disappointment. We have to do whatever we can to keep trucking along by using our own personal coping strategies to turn those negative thoughts around. Here are a few of my favorite methods for doing so:

  1. Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills. Sometimes we…

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In the spirit of women’s history month, let’s work together to give female entrepreneurs (fempreneurs) an added boost this March (and beyond). Here are 5 ways that you can do so:

  1. Buy From Them! Did you know that 42 percent of all small business or franchise owners are women? In fact, there are 13 million female owned businesses in the US contributing to $1.9 trillion in revenue! When looking for products or services, search for those that come from companies owned by women and purchase their products this month.
  2. Spread the Word. Help get the message about women-owned companies out…

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Clever entrepreneurs are cashing out by mending broken hearts, broken appliances and broken plans.

Because we’re spending more time in our houses and on top of each other than what is typically our norm, things are going to get broken. I know that I’ve had my share of pandemic mishaps. One of my daughters threw a frozen sandwich at the other shattering a glass cabinet panel in my kitchen. The shower door fell off next followed by a broken chandelier, plumbing issues and more. Ughh!

This has been bad news for me and others but good news for home improvement/repair businesses some of which have reported a 50% increase in sales during the pandemic…

Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD

Charlene is an entrepreneurship coach, business/branding mentor, speaker, trainer, author of Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur, and the busy single mother of two.

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