6 Ways to Bring More Abundance Into Your Life

Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD
2 min readJun 25, 2022
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So much of what happens to us and what we bring into our lives has to do with our mindset- the way we see things and the way that we talk to and about ourselves. Our collective aim is typically to bring forth the circumstance that we value and to achieve our goals. Doing so, or attracting abundance in this manner, simply involves a shift in the way that we think.

Here are 6 tips you can use to improve your mindset and draw more abundance into your life:

  1. Celebrate little victories. When you cheer the tiny wins along the way, you’ll learn to let minor setbacks go more easily. You’ll also begin to focus on the positive and all of the good things that are happening in your life. There are more than you realize!
  2. Embrace change. For many of us, change is scary, but the more that we welcome it, the better poised we will be to take advantage of opportunities that are likely to attract abundance into our lives. Don’t fear the unkown. It holds many good things for you.
  3. Don’t worry about outcomes. So often we get anxious about what may or may not come to pass. Know that everything will turn out as its meant to. The good, the bad, and the in-between. It’s all pushing us along the path of where we’re supposed to be.
  4. Reframe your view. Maybe it looks like a grenade just blew up your plan and you’re left to clean up the mess. Although challenging, try to look at it another way. What is now possible after the explosion as you begin to rebuild? What can you now do that’s even better?
  5. Look to the future with optimism. Have confidence and embrace the fact that good things are going to happen to you! Our thoughts often predict our fate. Keep your thinking optimistic and always expect the best.
  6. Come up with a mantra. Create a catch phrase or two to repeat to yourself. For example, “I attract love and abundance,” or “I love abundance and abundance loves me.” The more you say it, the more you’ll start to believe it, and the more that you believe it, the more that it will come to fruition.

~Charlene Walters is a business and higher education consultant, corporate trainer, university professor, the author of Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur and the TV host of Launch which is now streaming on Roku and Amazon Fire (DB TV).

Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD

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