5 Ways to Promote Corporate Social Responsibility

Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD
2 min readMay 20, 2022
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The bottom line is that in order to further corporate social responsibility initiatives, you have to make them a priority at your organization. Doing so positively influences both your internal culture as well as your external community of stakeholders.

Here are 5 ways to promote corporate social responsibility best practices within your company:

  • Designate days off for employees to volunteer. If you provide employees with the opportunity to volunteer while being paid, you are sending a positive sentiment throughout the organization (that people and charitable work are important).
  • Match employee contributions. This practice allows you to support the individual organizations and causes that are important to your employees. Matching your team members’ efforts shows employees that their causes are also important to you. Additionally, it will enable your business to donate to a wide variety of causes better reflecting your diverse employee base.
  • Donate. Or otherwise support a charitable cause for a particular event or over a certain period of time. This act will gain additional support and a new following for your company.
  • Get on board with a cause. There are a lot of great causes out there- pick one that is related to your business. When you do so, you are moving one step closer to your company’s mission. Your team will be more connected to it as well. What’s more, your employees will feel more fulfilled and as if they are contributing to society as a whole.
  • Be the example. As an executive, your actions will inspire others so make your charitable contributions and affiliations known throughout the organization. Talk about them and host events so that your team can get behind your cause as well (or establish their own).

~Charlene Walters is a business and higher education consultant, corporate trainer, the author of Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur and the host of the TV Show Launch which is now streaming on Roku and Amazon Fire (DB & A Network).

Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD

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